Chairman Message  

It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to be among the largest SUPPLIERS of calibrated sapphires and gem studded jewellery in the international market today. Having commenced operations in a humble way with a single cutting machine, we have grown through three decades with a large modern lapidary equipped with state of the art technology and human resources capable of meeting the demands of international market leaders in the industry.

OurĀ Mission
To continuously diversify our business areas, by reaching new heights and enhancing the quality of production in gems & jewellery
Our Vision
Exceed expectations by strengthening the standard of our products while pursuing to attract a larger customer base.

An International Buying Center is also part of Christina complex to ensure that our customers receive products of the highest quality at competitive prices.

While we are capable of meeting the demands of all our customers with a large inventory in our hands always, we have established the trust , confidence and mutual understanding among our clients globally. We are also geared and ever ready to cater to changing demands for sapphires in the world market.

Please explore our website and contact us for further details.

Thank you
Pinsiri Wijepala

NCE Exporters Award 1999
23th International Award for Technology and Quality
Most Beautifull Fashioned Gemstone
Blue Sapphire
PINK Sapphire
PURPLE Sapphire
Star Sapphires
Yellow Sapphire
Cat Eyes
Black Sapphire
White Sapphire
Color change sapphire
Tsavorite Garnet
Blue Topaz
Lemon Quartz
Brabdy Quartz
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Tel : 011 2 506393
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