Auspicious Gems for Astrological Purposes
Wijaya Gems Maliyagaya Located at 730 Galle Road Colombo is the leading astrological purpse gem provider in Sri Lanka. We Have Qualified gemologists with Astrological knowledge to recommend you with  suitable stone to select from the right category. We will make the Jewelry for you with auspicious time depending on your Star sign and Horoscope. The Nwarathna Sets with identical sizes with 9 colors genuine gems are on offer at our showroom located at above mentioned showroom. the showroom is open 365 day from 9 am to 7 pm.
According to the Astrology, there are Nine Gemstones that are being referred as Nawarathna.  The popular belief is that that nine gemstone has intense capability of affecting Human life is positive ways. The basic idea is that it has been connected with nine known planets of Solar System.
1 Ruby
Ruby is for the king of Solar the sun energizes professional success, character and confidence, and assures completion of projects and general all-round good luck. Protects the heart and circulation, and aids digestion. Ruby substitutes include the red spinel, garnet or rubellite.
Yellow Sapphire is for Jupiter, justice, government, leadership, wealth and fortune. It aids circulation and pancreatic health. Yellow topaz or heliodor are acceptable substitutes.
3 Emerald
Emerald is for Mercury influences the intellect, communications – especially speech – and humor. The peridot is a substitute.
4 Diamond
Diamond is for Venus, is associated with beauty, harmony and protection against diseases of the skeletal and reproduction systems. It’s said to protect and give strength to overcome problems. Alternatives are white sapphire or zircon.
5 Pearl
Pearl is for the moon, affects the mind, emotions and psyche. It Influences mental health, circulation and digestion. Substitutes are white or blue moonstone.
Red Coral 
For Mars, governs physical strength, courage and initiative, which is why it is often worn by people in the military forces. Carnelian or red agate can also be used.
Hessonite is for Rahu, removes fear, and promotes clarity and spiritual growth. Promotes bone health and blood circulation. Lapis lazuli can stand in for this stone.
Blue is for Saturn, supports good health, prosperity and fame. It promotes gall bladder, digestive and throat health. Amethyst can be used as a substitute.

9 Cat’s-eye
Cats  eye is For Ketu, promotes courage, pleasure, prosperity, and protection from enemies, and turns the mind towards spirituality. Supports heart health and mental clarity.
Obviously, there’s more to this nine-stone wonder jewel than is mentioned here. Take a look at one of them when you visit Wijaya Gem Maligaya and let the stones and their colors speak more than all these words can tell. 

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