Wijaya Gems Q and A
Why I should by Gems from You?
    Wijaya Gems is in the business for last 40 years with unblemished character in its business arena and false rate is (Defect Ratio) 0%.  We have sold only 100% genuine gemstones with Zero Complains, We provide Free Sizes stone to Calibrated sapphires to worlds Renown’s Brands, Such Tiffany, Mark Mack gill, Etc , we are the leading Calibrated supplier to Local businesses in Sri Lanka as well.
Who are people dealing with You,

People from all over the globe deal with us, we participate in almost every Major Gem shows in the world and we are well known by Jewelry Brands and B2B Gem aficionados (Experts)

Where can I buy gems from you
  If you are a Free Independent traveler (FIT), A Scholar on MICE tourist, or You come as a Group tourist to Sri Lanka, one of the things you hear about Sri Lanka is that  Blue Sapphires. The next question come to your mind is that where can you buy a genuine gemstone with reliability, that’s where Wijaya Gems Comes to Fore with Its international Gem Buying Center located in the heart of Colombo Tourists District 730 Colombo 3
How can I Be in touch with you
    Simply Get your travel Partner to call us, or arranged a visit to Wijaya Gems, we will unfold our vast variety of Gems for you to select from.  If you give us a call from your hotel we will provide you a free shuttle service for you with a chauffeur.
How can you  guarantee your Products
  We guarantee our products, with International Gem certification. We have Gem certification for almost all the stones we have.  We have GIS, GIC, GRS and Or our own Certification
Can I replace the product?
    Definitely yes, if there is a defects to the expectation and with our fair rules.
Can I only buy Gems stone?
  No, you can buy gems stones and Gem studded Jewelries as well. Or else you can get the Jewelry done at our state of the art Jewelry Manufacturing plant in a reasonable time.
Can I buy in Credit Cards?

Yes Definitely. Not only credit cards you can buy from Hard Currencies, or if you have converted in Sri Lankan rupees we accept.

If I want to get my stone via Airmail, would your arrange on behalf of me, since it is risky to take stone by travel?

Yes, we will courier it to you on a given address, for that you need to pay courier charges. But, take the full responsibility of you to get the same product with 110% Guarantee, on time.

Blue Sapphire
PINK Sapphire
PURPLE Sapphire
Star Sapphires
Yellow Sapphire
Cat Eyes
Black Sapphire
White Sapphire
Color change sapphire
Tsavorite Garnet
Blue Topaz
Lemon Quartz
Brabdy Quartz
Address : No:730, Galle Rd, Colombo
Tel : 011 2 506393
Mail : info@wijayagems.lk